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We are a family-owned construction solutions company specialising in the supply of high-quality Trades & Labour, Waste Management & Payroll Service provider.

Why choose Sligo Staffing? AND What makes us different to our competitors?

Firstly, you get access to a wide range of our below Partner companies such as –

  • PAYROLL - We do offer a competitive rebate scheme which we can discuss if you are interested.

  • WASTE MANAGEMENT- Wheelie Bins, Skips, RO/RO, Cage Lorries, COSHH waste.

  • RECRUITMENT - We go the extra mile by vetting our workforce to gain an understanding of what the general knowledge of site safety is and, their trade knowledge by asking a set of relatable questions to their job role. Our exhaustive database allows us to best suit your needs and requirements.

What is to come?

At Sligo Staffing in the very near future we are working towards being a training provider for the basic site requirements such as Face Fit Training, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, etc.  




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  • Good quality workforce with a strong database of candidates. Fully Vetted & Fully Referenced - We question the operatives site based knowledge of general site safety and their trade knowledge (Examples can be provided)

  • Up to 60 Days Credit Terms dependant on Credit rating and Insured Limits Available

  • Three Hour Free Trial on All New staff (if you are not happy with the staff provided in the first three hours, then you will not be charged and workers will be sent home)

  • Sub-Contractor introductions to Main Contractors

  • 12 Weeks Rebate Scheme for Temporary staff

  • Outsourced Payroll Services through our internal payroll provider which allows you to free up cash for a small weekly fee.

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  • We wanted to bring a service to  the market focussed completely on you, giving you a waste package that suits your business, looking at areas you can recycle more and saving you money by providing these necessary services more cost effectively.

  • At Craft waste our mission statement is to make waste disposal a simpler, cheaper and more impactful process for our clients.

  • We are not like the rest. We guarantee no rental fees, no minimum contracts & no early termination fees.

  • We are based in London providing the following services across London & the South East for your Construction waste- Wheelie Bins, Skips, Ro/RO, Cage Lorries, COSHH waste.

  • We work with some of the biggest waste companies in London, you can be sure to get the best rates in town.

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  • We provide payroll solutions to suit any individual contractors and businesses.

  • Our role in the supply chain is to remove the risk of employment status challenges that can come with engaging subcontractors.

  • We offer services enabling contractors and businesses to work more cost effectively, efficiently and compliant with legislation and government policy.

  • We offer self-employed options for all your freelancing needs CIS, PAYE Umbrella and PAYE, setting the standard and ensuring the highest level of compliance whilst delivering a truly first class service to you.

  • We also offer a competitive rebate scheme.

Payroll Bureau
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